How to make money blogging

how to make mone

In the past several weeks, I have been having fun entertaining a new and interesting idea: making money through blogging. A lot of people apparently do this, and I am curious about how they do it, as are half of the internet. With this in mind, I have done ALL the research for you, and this is what I have found out.

The ways people make money blogging:

  1. Following the selected niches that make money through blogging. Hint: Would you like to know the #1 niche…how to make money blogging!
  2. Offering a course on how to make money blogging – there are a LOT of these, and, let me tell yah..if I manage to make $10,000 per month the way some of these people claim, I guarantee I will not be selling this information at some ridiculous price that would make the Queen of England double check her account balance before purchasing.
  3. Affiliate marketing – Utilizing services you always use anyhow, you make a deal and recommend them, and they hand you a bit of cash. This is probably the most honest way to make money blogging.
  4. Offering a service – Utilizing their blog, the person advertises their service, course, etc. This is something everyone should think about. We all have a talent that someone else would pay to learn, or, a service we could offer.

Now that we know how people do it, let’s all go and make our millions!

Have a nice life, everybody, and you’re welcome!

Ok wait….there is only one thing here…


So, my new goal is not to make money blogging…it is to grow my following and traffic enough that I could toss out some of the amazing products I use, and offer some of my talents out there to see where I get.


Now, on to growing web traffic….Current assessment:

How am I doing?

Right now, there is a true likelihood that the video of this guy singing will go viral before any of my posts do, but that doesn’t mean I am not trying here, peeps.

I am going to start up a dedicated category for a few things:

  1. Making money through blogging
  2. Growing your web following

With growing my web following, so far I have a pretty darn good following on pinterest and I get some pretty decent engagement there. One thing I do use is tailwind (sign up through my link to get a free month!) and that is honestly the best advice I have so far.

Follow me as I go through the quest of figuring out one of two possibilities:

  1. People are making a huge amount of money online and here is how…
  2. People are actually NOT making any amount of money online and they are just plain full of it.

Regardless, I promise to tell you how I got there and not charge you a ton to find out how!!!

Be sure to follow me to stay in the loop!!!!




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