Driving traffic to your blog: 5 Quick Tips

Driving traffic

Right now, I am in Step 4 of my Bloggin’ for a livin’ business plan, which is driving traffic to your blog. This is an interesting thing for me and here’s the reason; I already have a large following on pinterest because I’ve had a pinterest account for YEARS, and this blog about 2 months.

My current thought, then, is that I need to utilize my pinterest traffic to get traffic back to this site where one day I will have amazing affiliate links, magic potions and blogging courses galore. Sounds about right! I’ll figure out how to do this and let you know.

In the meantime, let’s talk about YOU!

I am assuming that most people reading this are the opposite of me: you just started your blog, and you don’t have a large following there or anywhere else. Here’s the information, just for YOU!!!

Driving traffic to your blog

Step 1: Write amazing content! – If you are blogging about what Aunt Bessy had for lunch last Saturday, don’t be surprised if you aren’t rocking the Top 100 Bloggers in the Universe list. Think about a few things:

  • Your niche
  • Your audience
  • Your interests
  • Your blog topics

If these things do NOT line up, you won’t be engaging anyone.

For example, I’ve looked up to see what my following is into through my Pinterest account… You know one category that never comes up? Calculus.

If I began writing non-stop about calculus-related topics, a few things would immediately happen:

  1. You would find out I am definitely no mathematician
  2. My traffic and audience would immediately shift.

Is this a bad thing? No, not if my new blogging goal is to engage mathematics nerds. However, if my ultimate goal is to write about recipes, I had best keep my enthusiasm regarding calculus to a minimum on the blog front.

Step 2: Join several, large Facebook groups for bloggers – Get involved, get posting and get sharing. Go onto Facebook, and in the search bar, type “Blogging;” you will be amazed at the amount of random boards there are out there! These groups will speak for themselves – get active, get out there and get movin.’

Step 3: Get a Pinterest account – Add all of your own posts to a board entitled “Best of your blog’s name,” Then, start sharing other people’s posts. Apparently, people who are most successful save and share about 50 pins per day. (I will do a separate post in more detail regarding Pinterest soon here, as it really has the capability of making some mega traffic for your blog).

Step 4: Ensure all of your posts on your blog are categorized and easy to find – This way, when someone comes to visit your blog, they are not immediately put off and head for the hills.

Step 5: Have patience – Many a fantastic blog have shut down before they even began…be patient, work on it, and watch the traffic come!

Be sure to follow my blog! More tips, tricks and fiddley-sticks coming soon!






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