Bloggin’ for a livin’


So, you’re thinking about making money through blogging? ME TOO!!!!! In fact, I think ANYONE can make money through their blog, but there are a few things you have to establish first.

Here’s my current information for you, as just like you, I am also just starting out.

Step 1: Decide on your niche.

BEFORE you set up your blog, decide on your niche. If you are 100% going to blog for profit, I highly recommend choosing a profitable niche that you know about and are interested in.

Are you able to create courses, tutorials and freebies? Good niche for you.

Step 2:  Set up your blog.

Are you not too sure how to do this? Does it sound nerve-wracking somehow? I am working on a detailed ‘how to set up a blog’ document just for YOU! Bookmark this page, and follow my site to get updated on how to do so, very soon!

Step 3: Start writing.

No matter what you do, you cannot make any money blogging if you don’t have any content or followers. START WRITING NOW! This stage is where you should sit for a bit. Get your blog in great shape, get some great content, and start establishing some readers.

Step 4: Gain traffic.

Traffic is where it’s at. Not sure how to get a good following? I’ve got you ready to go with 5 quick tips on gaining some traffic!

Step 5: Start monetizing

If you have a great blog with great content, daily readers and pride in what you’re doing, you are READY to start monetizing. My favorite ways to monetize/groups to join, etc are coming VERY soon!!!!!!!!!!!


When you look at these 5 steps, you realize that making your blog great and financially profitable is NOT as hard as it appears. What IS hard, is having great articles, links, and passion for what you are writing about long-term.

Gaining traffic is a longer process than many people give it credit for. It can be quite hard to build up a following, but we have a lot of social media platforms to work through these days. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Start today, follow me, and let’s do this together!!!!!!!!!